Our vision is a world in which communities define and shape what matters to them, and where statutory systems operate in support of this by recognising: that they are part of the community; that working together is fundamental; and that this is only possible when there is parity amongst all. 

Getting to this requires embracing a new way of working, one that acknowledges that a deeper connection between systems and communities is what’s needed. True depth will dissolve the distinction between the two and requires a belief in the value of relationships and reciprocity. 

At present, our systems are solely focussed on the outcomes that matter to them, see themselves as separate to the communities around them, and hold all of the power. This limits their potential and can be both frustrating and damaging to those working within them. 

Thankfully, there are communities already defining new ways of working. But their work is struggling to grow as systems continue to evaluate them solely on the outcomes that it thinks matters – despite the broader value they’re creating. 

It is time to embrace the inter-connectedness of modern life, to see beyond our statutory systems. Doing so requires us to learn together, in a spirit of genuine reciprocity. This is only possible when there is parity, trust and an equal voice for all.


This vision was co-authored by Elizabeth Slade, Gail Findlay, James Murray, Jess Cordingly, Jonathan Stead, Mike Wilson, Nick Gardham and Pritpal S Tamber.

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